5 Women in Fitness You Need to Know

Instagram is for so much more than just sharing vacation pictures and pictures of our dogs. It is a way for people and businesses to market themselves. Social Media gets a bad rap for being time consuming and for being “only the best versions of ourselves.” And I understand and respect the proven implications of not being able to separate the fact from the fiction that scrolls past our thumbs everyday. I have followed tons of fitness accounts and have unfollowed almost as many. But a few remain on my Insta Feed. These are among those few and here’s why. (Not on Instagram? No worries– check out their blogs.)

1. Alexa Jean Fitness


I have been following Alexa Jean Fitness for years now. I have seen her go through many life changes– including a marriage and a new baby– and I don’t think she had a single bad hair day. Ever.  I have a couple of her workout guides and find myself coming back to them because they require no equipment, are easy to follow, and are very reasonably priced. Her blog is full of workouts, fitness tips, simple recipes, and product reviews/tutorials. She is not afraid to show you her less “Insta-worthy” moments. She is relatable as a mother and as a twenty-something. Check out her blog full of fitness and lifestyle tips.

Instagram: @alexajeanfitness or @alexajeanbrown for less fit and more lifestyle.

2. Sjana Elise


I have only followed her on Instagram for about a month now, but can tell she’s here to stay. Sjana caught my eye with her impressive yoga poses and gorgeous travel photos. Not going to lie, she ignites some envy deep inside me. But she’s ignited way more inspiration. She’s a successful 22 year old who isn’t afraid to show that successful people aren’t perfect and don’t always have it all together. I’m currently doing her BAM Yoga Challenge on the Sweat app, so she’s also showing  me to recognize yoga as a real workout because it is– holy cow. Check her out on Instagram or here on her blog.

Instagram: @sjanaelise

3. Sugary Six Pack


Niki continues to be a bright spot on my Insta feed. She takes positivity to a whole new level. She uses Insta stories to encourage her followers (usually through song) to push through whatever motivational struggles they’re facing. She’s also not afraid to tell us when she’s off track and what she’s doing instead of her original, planned workout. Don’t let her adorableness (if that’s not a real word, it is now..) fool you, her workouts WILL make you sweat. Find workouts and so much more on her Sugary Six Pack Blog . Not to mention she is pregnant with her first baby and has embraced the surprise by creating a page just for moms.

Intsagram: @sugarysixpack and @sugarysixpackmoms

4. Kayla Itsines


How could I make this list and not include Kayla?! She is one of the most recognized women in the fitness movement. She has an entire community with thousands of women who have done her programs and have taken back their health. She remains one of my favorite fitness influencers because of the no-nonsense way she handles her business. She understands and even encourages a healthy balance of smashing goals while enjoying life. Not to mention, I understand her relationship with her dogs on a whole new level. Dog people are my people. See what the BBG movement is all about on her blog and check her Instagram for her fur babies and see what the fuss is all about.

Instagram: @kayla_itsines

5. Brittany Dawn Fitness


When it comes to real motivation, look no further. I discovered her page when I tapped on a side-by-side “Natural vs. Posed” picture in which she explained the importance of understanding perception– and finding our best angles inside and out. She will be the last to tell you  that a healthy lifestyle is easy all of the time. She wants women everywhere to support each other no matter what stage they are in. Additionally, she also has two adorable dogs and has, in my opinion, impeccable taste in home decor. If that weren’t enough, her Target and Starbucks obsessions make her even more relatable and worth the Follow. She has tons of Youtube videos and blog posts linked on her page BDawnFit.

Instagram: brittany_dawn_fitness

Surround yourself with positive people and see what comes. Let me know who motivates you in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of these photos. They belong to the fitness accounts to which they have been associated with, respectively. I am in no way affiliated with any of these blogs or Instagram accounts.

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