Sneak Your Greens| Smoothie Recipe + Best Mix-Ins

Smoothies aren’t just for fruit anymore. Here’s how to ensure your smoothie packs the biggest punch nutritionally. +A recipe to try for yourself.

+ Add your veggies– veggies tend to have higher protein content than carbs and therefore will slow the rate of absorption of the the sugars from your fruit. Naturally occurring sugars are so much healthier than added sugars, but it is still possible to over do it on the fruit– especially if fat loss is the goal. Start by adding in 1-2 cups of veggies for every cup of fruit in your smoothie to avoid carb overload. Great smoothie veggies include…

  • spinach, kale, or other greens (1-2 handfuls)
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • brussel sprouts (use only a few as these have a strong taste)

+Don’t forget the spices– Putting cayenne pepper or turmeric in a smoothie might sound odd but it adds even more nutritional value than it does flavor. Cayenne pepper warms up the body, therefor giving the metabolism a boost and turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties . But these are just a couple examples– cinnamon, mint, basil, and so many other spices can add depth to your smoothie flavor while adding more health benefits.

+Healthy Fats– to make your smoothie extra filling, I recommend adding a serving of healthy, unsaturated fats like those found in a table spoon of coconut oil or half of an avocado. Doing so will also make the texture a bit creamier. Remember that when it comes to fat loss- fat is not the enemy! Keep it natural and healthy and fats can actually help you achieve your fitness goals. Not to mention healthy fats are great for your skin and hair.

+Fruit– Duh! one of the most essential ingredients for obvious reasons. Don’t be afraid to mix and match combinations of fruit. Though don’t get too carried away, smoothies can quickly become fattening if loaded up with too many carbs–even if they’re healthy forms. Try and stick to about 1 handful or 1 cup of fruit in your smoothies- just enough to mask the taste of the veggies.

+Water– smoothies aren’t just a good way to sneak greens. It’s also a good way to reach your H2O levels for the day without the boredom of sipping water all day. Water is a great base for a smoothie because it’s 0 calories and can be added in its liquid form as well as with ice to give the smoothie a more “slushie” texture. Great for warm days–which I have been craving here lately.

+Vinegar– yep, admittedly my weirdest add-in yet. But vinegar, has so many good properties. Just a splash of red wine vinegar mixes well into smoothies and has tons of antioxidants, promotes fat burn, and regulates blood sugar– very important for steady insulin levels. Apple Cider vinegar would be a great addition as well.

+Other add-ins might include protein powders, green powders such as Spirulina, milk (almond, dairy, etc), honey or other sweeteners, Chia seeds, cacao, steel cut oats and so much more.

Making a delicious smoothie isn’t rocket science– taste as you go and become a pro. Here is the recipe for one of my new favorite smoothies..


+ 4-6 frozen brussel sprouts (small/medium in size)

+ 5-7 slices of cucumber, halved

+ 1 kiwi, peel on

+ 1 handful of frozen berries (strawberry. raspberry, and blueberry blend)

+ sprinkle of turmeric

+ Splash of red wine vinegar

+ 1 TBS chia seeds

+ 1 handful of ice

+ 1-2 cups of water (enough to promote an even blend without making it super liquid)

Blend evenly and enjoy! Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice for extra citrus flavor.

This would make a great pre-workout snack full of energy and H2O to hydrate. 🙂

Feel free to let me know what your favorite smoothie ingredients are below.

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