What To Expect From My Personal Training Programs

For anyone who wants to achieve a new level of health and fitness and lead their best life, there’s no time like now. Enrolling in a program is making a commitment to yourself to stop wasting time being anything but happy and content in how you look and most importantly, how you feel. Here is what to expect when you invite me into your process to guide and motivate you.

  1. An initial consultation

    • In our first meeting, we will cover some standard and necessary paper work regarding your health history but it won’t be all business. In this first meeting, I will want to get to know you from many different aspects of your life, not just fitness. We’ll discuss expectations and begin thinking of what to set your goals. This meeting is completely free. Think of it as less of a meeting and more of my audition for the role of your trusted fitness coach.
  2. An exploratory period

    • After you return your health history forms and are cleared to train we will meet to sign waivers and agreements (exciting stuff, I know.) and have a short introductory session about 30-40 minutes long, low in intensity. At our next few sessions we will do different activities and style of workouts until we find the one that fits you best. Then I will proceed to develop your program based on progress and goals
  3. Progress Tracking

    • We’ll have periodic progress tracking sessions in which we’ll do the cardio and strength tests again, take new measurements, weigh in, and take progress photos. (Don’t worry these will never be shared without consent!) If any of these areas are not meeting your expectations, we can make adjustments. These sessions are to ensure you’re getting what you need from our time together as well as serve as a time to reflect on all that you’ve achieved thus far.
  4. Personalization

    • I want to see my clients reach the point of independently leading healthy lifestyles. Therefore, programs will be specific to not only your goals, but also your schedule, likes, dislikes, and other lifestyle factors. Intuitive Fitness is founded on the principle that taking care of your health should be instinctive and should feel true to yourself. Real health is sustainable.
  5. Flexibility

    • As we change, so do our goals. You may start the process with one vision in mind and then find inspiration in another during the process. This is YOUR program, so it should always feel like its taking you in the right direction.

If you’re ready to live in away that is intuitively healthy, give me chance to get you started on your journey. Your only limit is you.


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