10 Tips for Summer Running

We might be half way through July but in the Midwest, we generally have plenty of warm weather ahead of us. If you've been letting the heat deter you from lacing up and hitting the road, here are a few tips that can help you beat the heat. 1. Hydrate Not surprised to see this …


Back on Track: Mini Grocery Haul

I wanted to demonstrate how simple it can be to eat clean on a budget (and I've spent a lot of monies on summer shenanigans, TBH) so I stayed on the affordable side!

Nature+Exercise: Your Double Defense Against S.A.D.

Looking to gain more than just physical health from your workouts? Look no farther than out your kitchen window. Numerous studies have linked exercising in the great outdoors to enhanced mood, greater attention span (Hello, focus!), and cognitive capacity. Not to mention exercising outside will help you feel more energized post-workout. These studies are so …